2021 Intimidator GC1K (1000cc) - Crew Cab

Taking buddies hunting? Along with everyone’s gear? Need more help around the farm? The GC1K Crew helps you get the job done. Deluxe seating for six adults, with room to spare. Industry-leading 83 HP 1000cc engine. Base model or 3 options packages.


  • Rotomolded Half Doors
  • Electric Bed Dump (Non-base Models)
  • High & Low Beam LED Headlights
  • Power Steering (Stage 2)
  • GPS & Bluetooth Capabilities (Stage 3)
  • Speeds up to 60 MPH // ROHVA Certified Roll Cages
  • Interactive Easy to Use In-dash Display

UTVs Are Not Created Equal


8-Ply Tires $800 VALUE 8-ply radial all-terrain tires are extremely durable and long-lasting. The radial is an upgrade from the bias ply tires that come standard on most UTVs. (Select Models, Stage 2 & 3)
Steel Skid Plates $700 VALUE Most UTV brands use a plastic skid plate, or no plate at all. Steel skid plates to protect the underside of your UTV against brush, rocks, and mud are standard on all Intimidator models.
Frame & Suspension $250 VALUE Heavy-duty rails, roll cage, a-arms, and other features make your Intimidator extremely durable, putting your mind at ease and preventing costly future repairs. These long-lasting components help keep occupants safe in an accident.
GC1K Seats $750 VALUE Comfortable rides are a must have in any vehicle. UTVs are no exception. Many UTV manufacturers use flat bench seats, which are hard and uncomfortable. All GC1K UTVs feature plush seating with bolster contouring for comfort and luxury.
Color Display $250 VALUE (Stage 1, 2) $1000 VALUE (Stage 3) The standard display on most other UTVs uses monochrome gauges (grey background with black icons). The Intimidator color display provides a monitor experience similar to late-model automobiles. Contrasting colors and easy-to-read vehicle information limit eye strain.
TGB Engine $500 VALUE Intimidator and TGB Engine Company join forces to create the one of the most powerful UTVs on the market. The TGB 1000 V-Twin Engine leads the class with 83 horses, 67 pounds of torque, and speeds up to 65 MPH. This engine is a BEAST!
Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) $500 VALUE The CVT in an Intimidator UTV are built and tuned to eliminate premature belt breaks or wear. We maximize belt life and performance, so customers don’t spend unnecessary time and money replacing belts.
Oversize Rear Differential $250 VALUE Incorporating an oversized rear differential – with a push-button locking feature – significantly enhances performance. Engage turf mode to avoid tearing up the yard. Or lock it in maximum traction and fun in mud and loose terrain.
GC1K Half Doors $829 VALUE Rotomolded half doors are standard on the GC1K. The nets used on most other brands make it more difficult to get in and out of the UTV and provide less protection than doors.
Rotomolded Plastics $500 VALUE Rotomolded plastics use an internal support structure to create a more rugged body components that stand up to impacts. Plastic components are dyed all the way through (not painted) to prevent peeling, flaking, and fading.
Horsepower 83
Body Color Green, Orange,
Metallic Gray, REALTREE® Camo
Payload 1,450lbs
Cargo Capacity 1,000lbs
Width 64"
Length 157"
Frame Clearance 14"
Suspension Travel 10" Total
Tires 28x10.5x14 Radial
Wheels 14" Alum
Shocks Elka
Display 7" Color
Half-Shaft H-D Half Shaft
Bed Latch Electric
Aux Power USB w/Display Connectivity